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In this section you will find some helpful hints and information on how to set up your sermon templates. A sermon template contains a title page along with preset fonts and graphics for a topic. Click the icon to the left to see the Sermon Collection.

We have found it is best to keep your layout and use of graphics fairly simple. If you put too much information into your PowerPoint presentation you will find your congregation spending more time watching your presentation and missing your points. Use your PowerPoint presentation to support what you are saying. Use the presentation more as an outline of your sermon. Tastefully used graphics will hit home your points. Maps and pictures of areas in your sermon are usually very helpful. Putting the key points or outline of your sermon on the screen helps people remember better.

In each of the sermon templates there are changeable text areas. The title pages have areas where you can fill in a sub title, date, speaker, and verses. On the other pages are some basic outlines and verse layouts that you can modify or remove. You will find it is easiest to copy the slides we have created and change the text. By using the copy and change method of imputing text you will be able to preserve any formatting. Run the blank presentation before adding your own content.

We created a template for the Christian Backgrounds website. If you are looking to create a special sermon during the  Christmas season or for Christmas eve download one of their sets and use this template. For information on adding backgrounds to this template and changing the default font colors click here.



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