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Although you can purchase a few programs that will allow you to display your songs through a projector we have found that they limit what you can do. PowerPoint is extremely flexible and gives you complete control over how things are created and displayed. PowerPoint is a professional slide show viewer, and today stands alone as the product of choice for those wanting to create professional presentations. We use PowerPoint to seamlessly display music, play automated announcements, show sermon outlines or highlight key events during a service.

This section describes the basics of the interface and using PowerPoint. The information below is to give you an understanding of the program and how we use it. We suggest you read through your PowerPoint manual and purchase a book on how to use PowerPoint. One very useful tool for beginners is a quick reference guide by BarCharts, Inc. You can get a hold of this chart by clicking here

Click on the links to the left for more information on how we use  PowerPoint and its interface. You may want to print a few of these pages and keep them by the computer as a reference.


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