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1. Menu Bar. The menus available in PowerPoint are displayed here.
2. Standard Toolbar. The standard toolbar is displayed in this area by default.
3. Outline. Slides included in a presentation are displayed in this window-pane by name and content summary. To display one of these slides, click on the number to the right of the name and it will highlight the slide and show it in the preview slide area. We have used the title of the slide (8) to create the name of the song in this list. We have also used a series of dashes (-------) to create blank slides between the songs.
4.Slide Scroll Bar. This scroll bar allows for scrolling through the list of slides.
5. Current Font. We use Halvett Black Condensed for all our songs. It can be downloaded by clicking here.
6. Slide Preview. The contents of one slide in the presentation are displayed in this area.
7. Preview Scroll Bar. This scroll bar allows for scrolling through the the slides in the preview pane. We typically don't use this scroll bar. 
8. Slide Title. We have moved the slide title to outside the preview slide area. This allows us to have the name in the outline view without it appearing on the slide.
9. Screen Viewing Modes. The five icons in this area allow you to view your presentation in different modes. See PowerPoint Basics for more information.
10. Design Template Name. When a design template is applied to a presentation, design's name is displayed in this field.
11. Drawing Toolbar. The drawing toolbar is displayed in this area by default. See PowerPoint Basics for more information.
12. PowerPoint Presentation Name. The PowerPoint presentation name will appear on the taskbar.
13. PowerPoint Show Active. When in Dual screen mode a task will appear on the task bar that indicates that the dual screen is active. This task must remain active in order to move between slides in dual screen mode. 
14. Slide Notes. PowerPoint allows you to add notes to each  slide within a presentation. These notes are never displayed on the Preview screen. We use the notes to show us each of the verses in a song, this allows us to know what is on each slide in the song and quickly jump to the next verse.
15. Slide Notes Scroll Bar. This scroll bar allows for scrolling down through the notes. We typically shrink the slide preview area so that the notes take up most of the space and thus we do not need this scroll bar.

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