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Below is a list of instructions on how to configure PowerPoint to show the slides on the projector screen.

Open a PowerPoint presentation.

STEP 1. Menu Bar: Choose Slide Show then Set Up Show

STEP 2. Under the "Show on" option click the down arrow.

STEP 3. Two options appear will appear. The Primary Monitor and Monitor 2. Choose Monitor 2, and click OK. Now when you click on the slide show button the slide show will display through the project.

Primary Monitor   =   Computer Monitor
Monitor 2             =   Projector

If you close down a PowerPoint file it will not remember these settings. You must change this setting every time you open a PowerPoint file.

Tip: Open up all your PowerPoint files to be used for your service and set them up to show on the projector. This will speed up the process of switching between slide shows during the service.


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