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To switch between PowerPoint files without your audience noticing, change the desktop background to match your music list background. The music list background becomes your theme for the day. Below is a set of instructions on how to change your desktop background.

STEP 1. Right click on the desktop. A menu will pop up choose the Properties command. 

STEP 2. The Display Properties Panel appears. Choose the Background Tab. Then choose the Browse Button. Make sure that the Picture Display option is set to Stretch.

STEP 3. The Browse Panel appears. Choose a background. Click the Open Button. You will return to the Display Properties Panel. Click the OK Button.

You can now move between programs with your theme for the day and the audience is unaware you are switching slideshows.

Due to the licensing agreements we have in place with our suppliers we cannot supply jpeg or windows bitmap files. Please see multiple active shows for a way to create a theme for the day without changing your desktop background.


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