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In this section is information on how to enter songs, setup a song list and how to use the song list when in PowerPoint. We have also included a few collections of public domain songs. The songs in our music collections have all been entered in the correct format. Click on piano to the left to see the songs that are included in each collection.

When using the dual screen option you will be able to see the song list in the outline pane and the song verses in the notes pane. Using PowerPoint in this way makes it possible to move between verses seamlessly. Below is a sample of the interface you will see on your computer screen even when the slide show is active.

The links on the right provide information on how to setup and navigate through your song list.  Song List Setup provides information on how to create a song list. A song list is a group of songs you will be using in a service. The link titled Using Song List provides information on how to navigate through the song list while it is the active slide show. Under Entering New Songs you will find information on how to enter your own songs so they will adapt to the PowerPoint background and font colors when inserted. There is also a template located in Entering New Songs that you will find helpful in entering your own songs.


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