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During the service it is a simple process of moving up and down through your song list to display the songs on the screen. You will see the outline view shown below while your congregation sees the slide show.

Drag the slide view area to the smallest area possible as illustrated above. You want to be able to see as much of the note area as possible. We have also found that people tend to watch a computer monitor if it is in front of them instead of the projection screen. You should be watching the projector screen and not your monitor, as you need to be constantly aware of what is being displayed on it. By minimizing the slide view area this forces you to watch the projector screen as it becomes hard to read the slide view area.

Once you have put your activated your song list as described in "Show on Setup", you will only be able to use the keyboard to navigate through the slides. The mouse cannot be used to choose slides or for scrolling through the slides. The dual video card has allowed you to see the screen but you are still in slide show mode. For more information on how the mouse is used with the dual screen card see "Switching Shows".

Use the up and down arrows keys to move between your slides. The arrow keys beside the keypad on your keyboard are very helpful when needing to move one slide down or up.

The keying in method is extremely helpful when you want to jump to a slide. You can jump to any slide in the list by typing in the slide number and hitting enter. Using the keying method you can jump over the chorus and back to a verse without having to page through two or three slides. We once had a music leader who would sing a chorus from one song and then skip back to the chorus from the previous song. I could keep up with him without a problem even though I had no idea when he was going to do it. There is a number at the front of each verse in the notes area, which corresponds to the number beside the slide number in the outline view. These numbers will help you to quickly jump to the right verse. These numbers will also let you know if the verses of the song are out of order.

The notes area is extremely useful. This allows us to look ahead at the verses in the active song. If you are unsure of where the music leader is going next you can look at the first few words of each verse and be ready to jump to those slides when you hear those words. Every church and worship leader has a different style. The dual screen video card will help you get to verses and songs quickly.

There is not a lot of time to react when you go to the next song and it is not the one you were expecting to sing. Sometimes a song gets added to the program or the order gets changed, it doesn't happen often but when it does you want to be prepared. If this happens move to a blank screen. Then insert the new song put the show back on screen and you are back up and running. After opening your song list always insert one slide of a song, then delete it. This will set PowerPoint to look back in the song directory when you next use the insert command. This saves valuable time when searching for that missing song. Using this method you can insert a missing song in 10 to 15 seconds.


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