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Setting up your song list in a clean and organized fashion makes it easy to move around without sending the wrong things to the screen. During the service there is not a lot of time to react if things do not go as you expected.

The following steps proceed the background setup. For a list of instructions on how to setup the pre-made PowerPoint backgrounds supplied on this site click here. For a list of instructions on how to setup your own backgrounds click here.

Below is a list of instructions on how to insert a song into your song list. The slides will be inserted under the slide you have highlighted. Highlight the top slide to have the song inserted just under the welcome screen. We do not use a blank slide after the title as this allows us to move right from the welcome screen into the worship. Blank slides are a series of dashes "-------" that we use to create spaces between the songs.

STEP 1. Under the drop down menus click on Insert, and then choose the "Slides from files...." option. 

STEP 2. In the popup window choose the Browse button. 

STEP 3. Under the look in drop down list locate the directory where your songs are located, then choose a song you wish to insert, and click open. 

STEP 4. Click on the insert all button, and then click on the close window button. 

Once the slides have been inserted they can easily be moved around in the slide layout view. To move a single slide drag it to a new location. To move a group of slides or an entire song click on the first slide then hold down the shift key and click on the bottom slide.

Always keep a blank slide at the bottom of the list. If you accidentally enter a number using the keyboard that is higher than the slide numbers in your presentation you will be moved to the last slide in the list. If this is blank slide, you wont be sending the wrong song to the screen. The blank slide at the end also allows you to arrow down when the last song is over.

You will need to copy the HalvettBlackCond font into your windows font directory. All the downloadable songs have been formatted using this font. The font is the same type as Arial only bolder and more condensed. It works excellent as a projected font as it is more readable. The file needs to be copied to your WINDOWS\FONTS directory.



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