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The projector can be aligned to your screen by either using the projector's remote control or by using the Dual Video card adjustments. It usually takes a combination of both these devices to align the screen properly. You should only have to align the screen once.

Below is a PowerPoint file that will help you align the projector. Click on the image to download the file. The file has a thin white boarder around the edge. If you cannot see one of the white edges, then the projected image is being cropped. This can cause things to look off-center and potentially clip text and images.

We do not go in depth on the projector remote control alignment as each manufacturer uses a different menu system to align the projector. Below are a few steps in aligning the screen with the remote control. 

STEP 1. Load the Screen Alignment file above and send it to the projector.

STEP 2. Make sure the projected image is not being digitally zoomed. If you are missing the white boarder on some of the edges your projector may be in digital zoom mode. Digital zoom allows you to zoom in on a portion of the projected image. 

STEP 3. Use the zoom feature on the remote control to fit the image as best you can to the screen.

STEP 4. There is usually a drop down menu option on the projectors menu that will allow you to shift the image right, left, up and down. In some cases you can adjust the projector with this command. If the image slides instead of moving you will have to adjust the image using the Dual Video Card adjustments.

The information below is for aligning the screen using the Matrox Dual Head G450 Video Card.

STEP 1. Right click on the desktop. A menu will pop up. Choose the Properties command. 

STEP 2. A command panel opens up. Choose the Settings Tab. Then choose the 2 Monitor. Click the Advanced Button.

STEP 3. A command panel opens up. Choose the Monitor Settings Tab. Then click the Adjust the current display mode button.

STEP 4. An alignment screen will show up on your projected screen and a pop up window titled Adjust Display Mode. Using the Size & Position buttons align the screen.

Adjust Display Mode Screen.

Alignment screen shown on projector.

Note: You need to click the accept button before the blue bar reaches the end or it will return to the previous settings.

STEP 5. A window pops up to warn you the screen may disappear, click OK.

STEP 6. A Second window pops up and asks if you want to keep the adjustments you just made. Click Yes.


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