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It is always best to have a professional mount your projector system. They have experience mounting systems and will know the best way to mount your projector on your auditorium. 

If you would like to mount the projector yourself we have included some basic information below. There is usually some one in the construction industry or an electrician in a congregation that can provide help and advice in installing your system.

You will need a mounting bracket, extension column, and a ceiling mount in order to hang your projector from the ceiling. Below are two types of mounting bracket systems with extension columns from Peerless Industries. Click on the images for more information or a list of projectors these mounts will work with. Peerless does not sell their products on line, and we do not sell Peerless mounting systems through our site.



Cabling is very important when mounting your projector. The cables must be shielded and the right type for the length you require, or you will lose quality. Run a video and computer feed to the area by your sound booth for the computer system. If your projector allows extra connections it is also very helpful to have a second feed to the front of your auditorium. This will allow you to plug a laptop in for guest speakers or hookup a camera near the front of the stage. 

The NTSC video cable should be a standard coax cable with coax to RCA connector on the end that would connect to a video machine or DVD source. The projector should use RGB cable and have a coax to BNC connector attached. Below are a few links to companies that sell cabling on line. 


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