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In this section we provide information on the Matrox dual video cards. A dual video card provides two video output sources. When in PowerPoint this allows us to project the slide show through the projector while the computer monitor stays in outline view. It uses windows extended desktop to allow you to move or show different things on each monitor. 

We like the Matrox card for this type of application. Its DualHead technology is in its 3rd generation, which makes it very stable. Although there are a few other dual technology card manufacturers they are all first generation, and we have not looked into them. When you find something that works flawlessly for this type of application you stick with it. You don't want to risk having your computer lock up half way through your worship service.

Below are the two cards we suggest you consider purchasing. You should be able to get a price between the ranges we list. We do not sell video cards through our site at this time. If however you are having trouble getting the prices we have listed on our site we can have a company contact you that can supply you with one of these video cards at a reasonable price:




Millennium G450 Series
Available in both AGP and PCI versions, the Millennium G450 is offered with either 16 MB or 32MB of DDR SDRAM memory and dual-RGB output. The latest PCI version of the Millennium G450 is fully loaded with added productivity-enhancing features such as DVI output and support for resolutions in DualHead modes of up to 1600 x 1200 on both displays. Bundled with a suite of DualHead utilities, the G450 Series provides such features as DualHead Clone, DualHead Zoom, and DualHead DVD Max. ($65 - $95)

Millennium G550 Series
This mainstream AGP graphics card offers advanced dual-display capabilities with dual-RGB or RGB with DVI output support.  The bundled DualHead® software that powers the card and its multi-display capabilities makes this card the most robust and feature-rich graphics solution for business.  A TV-Out cable and the Software DVD Player are available as an option. ($90 - $125)

The Millennium G550 board provides a few enhancements over the Millennium G450 board. The Millennium G550 offers DVI output support, which enables you to connect a Digital flat panel display to the graphics board to use as either your primary output or secondary display. This is simply an option, however, and you are still able to output to two analog displays or to an S-Video device as your secondary output. 

Click here for more information on the on Matrox DualHead technology.

Most churches do not use PowerPoint with a dual screen system, unaware that there is a simpler way, they have come up with various ways of anticipating what will appear on the screen next. Some ways that have been used are hyperlinks or hotkeys (hidden buttons on the screen), or they create a printout of the slides. Without a dual screen setup it is like working blind. You really don't know what will appear on the screen until you've moved to the next slide. You are looking at the same screen as the congregation. With a dual screen setup it allows you to see the outline view in PowerPoint while the congregation sees the slides show. Using PowerPoint in Church has customized the outline view so you can see your song list and the verses of each song. Using the dual screen system makes it clean and easy to move between your music, announcements, and your sermon. No need to print out paper or to be hoping you programmed that hyperlink properly. You now have the freedom to insert a song at the last minute or during a service, and you can move up or down through the songs easily.


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