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The computer is the most important part of the equipment you will be purchasing. I have yet to hear of a projector failing. The lamps used in these projectors will last from 8 to 15 years for our application. A cheap computer however can be a nightmare. Imagine your computer crashing right in the middle of your worship. What are you going to do? We suggest putting the money into purchasing a quality computer. If you are having someone configure a computer for you, print out the list below and have them review it. 

You should purchase a fairly fast CPU. Although the music does not require a fast processor, some of the animation in the announcements will skip or crawl if the processor cannot keep up. Speeds around 1.6mhz should be fine, although it will work on a 800mhz computer. Processor type is a matter of preference, we prefer the AMD CPU mainly because of the lower price.

Use a quality "motherboard" in the system. The machine needs to be reliable and it is best to have a quality manufacture's motherboard in the machine. Avoid using first generation motherboards, a motherboard that has been on the market for 6 to 10 months will have had the kinks worked out of it. Asus has been making quality motherboards for many years.


Dual Video Card
In order to run your system in dual video mode you will require a dual video Card. The Matrox Millennium G550 is the best choice for this type of application. The dual video card becomes your main graphics card. For more information see Dual Video Cards under this section.

A minimum of 256mb of memory should be in your system. This will allow you to open multiple presentations without slowing down your system.

Hard Drive (IDE)
Choose a reliable brand name hard drive. You should purchase at least a 60GB drive. Graphics will take up a fair amount of space over time. If you have the money you may want to invest in a SCSI Hard Disk. This will allow you to run video off your Hard Drive without dropping frames. In the future we will be adding a section on Video to this website.  

CD ROM (Writer)
You will need a CD ROM in the computer in order to load software. We suggest purchasing a CD Writer which will allow you to backup your materials. Graphics and Video can be fairly large files and it is easier to create a backup with a CD Writer. 

Sound Card
A sound card will enable you to run sound from your presentation through your sound system. You will also be able to play music CD through your sound system. Sound Blaster, the industry standard in PC audio over the last 3 decades, offers a full range of quality audio cards and accessories.

A good monitor will stay with you for years to come. Computers get replaced but monitors tend to stay. It is best to get a monitor that is capable of 1280x1024. The larger screen gives you more viewing area. A 19" to 17" monitor works best.

When in slideshow mode with a dual screen system you will be using your keyboard a fair amount. Get a quality keyboard, usually one or two price steps up from the low end keyboard will do. Check the keyboard and make sure you can feel when you've pressed a key.

When in slideshow mode with a dual screen system you do not use your mouse very often. However when you do use it you will be trying to click on something in a hurry and don't want the mouse sticking. Get a quality mouse, usually one or two price steps up from the low end mouse will do.

Avoid putting a DVD player in the computer. It is much cheaper and easier to operate a stand alone DVD player and plug it in through the video feed on the projector. Although the computer and the board can handle it, the sound on some DVD players will not play properly on some computers. It also means that someone has to understand the computer system in order to play a DVD.

Although it is a good idea to purchase name brand computers like Compaq of Hewlett-Packard some of these computers have built in video cards on their motherboards. Check to make sure you can install a Dual Video Card in the system before purchasing one of these computers.


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