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In this section you will find information on how to use music backgrounds for your PowerPoint presentations. Use the buttons to the left to view one of the background collections. All our backgrounds are high quantity 1024x768 images. We have adjusted each background to work in normal daylight conditions on a 1500 lumen projector. If your projector is higher than 1500 lumens the images will be even better. Each file uses font colors that provide the highest contrast under the above conditions. There is very little compression on these images as overly compressed images do not look good when projected on a large screen. The music backgrounds are designed for use behind your music and the downloadable PowerPoint files contain a background and a welcome page as shown below. 

Each music background includes a hi-res image & welcome page.

For a list of instructions on how to use the pre-made PowerPoint backgrounds with the welcome page see PIC Backgrounds. For a list of instructions on how to set up your own backgrounds, and change the screen fonts in PowerPoint see PPT Backgrounds.

When choosing your own backgrounds use only high contrast images. A high contrast image is where the images is either fairly dark or fairly light. You also do not want extreme changes in the color range in the image.

Avoid images with distractions. Pictures with people objects and clutter tend to make the text harder to read and draws people's attention away from the words.

Use the same background throughout the song list. If you change the background on every song people start to watch the backgrounds and can lose their focus on worship.

Use only high quality backgrounds. If you are scanning images, make sure the final scan is above 1024x768 and then scale it down to 1024x768. Some good quality 800x600 images will work as well. Avoid using low-res images as they look blurry when projected on a large screen and tend to give people the feeling the projector is out of focus.

Example of cleaned image to minimize distractions (dock & canoe removed).

You can place your church logo on the welcome screen. Use the set transparency color tool in PowerPoint to exclude any border color around the logo (see the PowerPoint section for the location of this tool).  

Use a photo editor to fix up your own backgrounds. We use Photoshop to fix the images supplied on this site. With Photoshop we can remove unwanted items or adjust the contrast, bright etc.

Note in the image of the fall scene above how we darkened the wood along the shore and the tree trunks. This was done to remove the hotspots. You can use the Burn Tool in Photoshop to adjust images. Another good way to remove brightness in large sections is to use the select color range option.


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