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You can use your projector system to let your congregation know about upcoming or weekly events, inform new comers of your ministries, or provide inspirational content before and after a service. We tend to find it works best to create a well balanced mix of the above. In this section we provide some information on how to create and manage your announcements. We also provide a variety of announcements that you can download and use in your system. For a sample of some of these announcements click on one of the icons to the left.

Set up each of your announcements as separate files. This will allow you to load just one announcement and use it during your service. It is always effective when you have someone up front doing a special announcement and the graphics on the screen highlight the event. 

You can insert the separate announcements into a master file and play them before and after your service. This is a very effective way of keeping your congregation informed. Set the announcement master file to loop continuously. Start the announcements 15 minutes before the service.

When creating your content keep it simple. It is much more effective to let the graphics pass on the message. People generally will not read more than one or two lines per slide. Chose your titles and graphics carefully. Make sure you set the timing between the slides correctly. Don't have entire slides changing too quickly, allow people to absorb the information.

Use a photo editor to help create your announcements. We use Photoshop to create most of the announcements supplied on this site. Photoshop allows for more control of the graphics. We create each slide as a layer. We then save the layers as jpeg images and import them into PowerPoint

If you learn the PowerPoint transitions you can use them creatively by mixing graphics from a photo editor and the animation effects.


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