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Special events are events that happen occasionally in your church. They may happen once a month or once a year. These files contain more animations and are very unique in there appears. Click here to view the Special Events Announcements. 

Services and programs are ministries or programs your church offers. This announcements can be used to inform now comers to your church or remind your congregation about these services. These files contain a small amount of animation. Click here to view the Special & Programs Announcements. 

Weekly events highlight events that happen on a weekly basis. These announcements have been formatted to appear like a page in a calendar with a day at the top. This gives all weekly event announcements the same look and feel. There are also a variety of border styles for these announcements. Files contain in this set typically don't have animation. Click here to view the Weekly Events Announcements. 

To view information on an announcement place your cursor over top. Some of these PowerPoint announcements have optional titles or the titles can be removed. Please see the notes area in each file for instructions. The numbers in the bottom right corner are the number of slides/transitions and the total time.



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