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Welcome to
Using PowerPoint in Church where you will find information on how to use PowerPoint in your Church. Also on this site are; libraries of quality Christian worship backgrounds, professional animated announcements and easy to use sermon outlines. Please feel free to browse the information Using PowerPoint in Church, and be sure to check out our quality Christian PowerPoint Products for use in your service.

Need help aligning your projector?
Check out the Christian Projector Media blog. You can also download a Free PowerPoint Projector Alignment Template

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Music backgrounds include a welcome page.

There has been an explosion of churches using PowerPoint to display the words of songs through projectors. It is an excellent application for PowerPoint, and done properly can remove the distractions created by using overhead transparencies in the church. However there are few Christian churches using PowerPoint to its fullest potential. If you are thinking of using PowerPoint in your church, you will find this website a valuable resource. If you are currently using PowerPoint in your church, you will learn through this website how you can simplify the process, as well as add creative content to your Christian presentations. 

Most churches do not use PowerPoint with a dual screen. Unaware that there is a simpler way they have come up with various ways of anticipating what will appear on the screen next. Some ways that have been used in Christian churches are hyperlinks or hotkeys (hidden buttons on the screen), or they create a printout of the slides, which works until the service order is changed. Without a dual screen system it is similar to working blind. You really don't know what will appear on the screen until you've moved to the next slides. You are looking at the same screen as the church congregation. With a dual screen setup it allows you to see the outline view in PowerPoint while the congregation sees the PowerPoint slide show. Using PowerPoint in Church has customized the outline view so you can see your song list and the verses of each song. Using the dual screen system makes it clean and easy to move between your music, announcements, and your sermon within PowerPoint. No need to print out paper or be hoping you programmed that hyperlink properly into PowerPoint. You now have the freedom to insert a song at the last minute or during a service, and you can move up or down through the songs with ease. 

Announcements have changeable text areas.

This site was started to share with people how they can use PowerPoint in church to improve their worship, by removing the distractions of displaying songs through overhead projects. We also wanted to create a site where we can share the Christian backgrounds, announcements and sermon templates we create. We have spent countless hours adjusting backgrounds entering songs and creating professional Christian announcements. You will also find many helpful tips and instructions on how to use PowerPoint throughout this website. If you you have some interesting pictures or presentations you would like to send us, see our contract information. We appreciate any help we receive in our efforts to improve the visual quality of worship in churches. If you have any questions or comments on how we can improve this site please feel free to send them to us. 

Sermon titles have have changeable text areas.

Welcome to Using PowerPoint in Church. Feel free to browse our site. If you are looking to install a system in your church have a look at our quick start check list. This will give you simple step by step instructions on how to install a professional system in your church. we Also have a number of free items on this site, free backgrounds, free sermon  outlines, and free announcements for you to try out.

Christmas Backgrounds & Christmas PowerPoint Slides, Christmas Videos, Christmas Motions

Christmas Backgrounds
We have worked to create the best Christian Christmas background jpegs and Christmas video backgrounds that can be found. Our beautiful Christmas Backgrounds combine professional photography with superior design to give you the best Christmas Images for Worship available anywhere. See more Christmas Backgrounds and special at ImageVine.

Easter PowerPoint Backgrounds, Easter Video and more

Easter Projector Media
Presenting a premium selection of heartwarming Easter images and videos for church projectors. Featuring Easter Sunday services, Palm Sunday, creative slide shows and more. Videos Clips, Motion Backgrounds and Countdowns. more info...
Christian Thanksgiving Backgrounds videos motions and more
Thanksgiving Backgrounds
Introducing an inspiring collection of Thanksgiving Backgrounds and PowerPoint Slides for use with digital projectors in church. The Thanksgiving Celebration Collection is made up 78 jpeg images and 58 PowerPoint slides.

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Christian Worship Backgrounds



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Backgrounds, Slide Shows and Sermon Outlines.

Using PowerPoint in Church was started to assist churches using projectors or looking to purchase projectors for their church. The tutorials on this site were based on PowerPoint version 2000 and are intended to make it easier to use PowerPoint in a church environment, the tutorials for PowerPoint  will also work  with older versions of PowerPoint. We also supply quality Christian backgrounds for use with church projectors. Our Christian graphics for church projectors includes Christian backgrounds, worship backgrounds, winter backgrounds, summer backgrounds, spring backgrounds, fall backgrounds, Easter backgrounds, Christmas backgrounds, Christian images, Christian graphics and Christian backgrounds for sermon outlines. Here at the Using PowerPoint in Church, it is our desire to assist churches in spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by supplying PowerPoint projector optimized Christian backgrounds, images and graphics, which are both affordable and professional.

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